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    Janice Pendergast | 2021-06-09
    I was very please with the detailed cleaning that we had done as a one time spring cleaning. The communication to obtain the quote and schedule were painless. We are now using on a monthly basis.


    Leon Poon | 2020-10-23
    Excellent! Top quality, efficient and great customer service.


    Nat Vaira | 2020-10-07
    Very well! The apartment now looks clean and livable again! Great job on the floors! I will ask for their services again in the future!


    George Hansen | 2019-11-20
    Focused on the kitchen inside and out as well as all rooms under the furniture etc. did a very good job


    Harold Henry | 2019-11-12
    We have been very happy using their service for the last couple of months.


    Justin Wendlandt | 2019-10-28
    Amazing! Everything looks totally awesome. They were really efficient in getting the work done and did so without issues.


    Erin Kennedy | 2019-08-19
    I honestly could not have been happier with the folks who came and tackled cleaning our townhouse. It was not only immaculate upon returning home, but they were so friendly and made sure to do a walk through after to make sure I was satisfied. Already scheduled for …


    Jennifer Shettleroe | 2019-05-21
    We hired Maria Cleaning for a one time deep clean. It was overdue spring cleaning for our hope in preparation for an elderly relative moving in. The couple did a GREAT job. We even had them do the windows inside and out. We could not be more pleased, and are hiring M…


    Robert Manna | 2019-05-07
    Initial meeting with Maria was great – she seemed very detail oriented. Our first cleaning was in April 2019 when we were not home. The house cleaners left our garage door wide open and left the back door unlocked when they left for the day. We do not lock the door …


    Jenny Damey | 2018-11-27
    We’ve been looking for someone to help us out once a month since our newborn arrived. With us both working full time, cleaning has gone out the window. Maria and her staff were thorough and friendly! I was really impressed with how quickly they worked and their atte…


    John Moen | 2018-09-30
    They did a good job, but there were a couple minor things overlooked. All in all, they did well.


    Laurie Junkins | 2018-08-22
    The cleaning team were prompt, polite, professional, and did an outstanding job. I am a picky customer, and they more than satisfied my high standards. I am looking forward to using them for a long time to come!


    Tim Strovas | 2018-08-21
    We listed our condo for sale and we hired Maria House Cleaning to make our place look spotless prior to photography. The woman they sent out was fantastic and did an amazing job. I would absolutely recommend them.


    Katherine Locklin | 2018-12-08
    I have been using Maria’s service for several years. She has always provided the services I requested in a very professional manner.


    Patricia Troy | 2017-11-29
    We have used them 3 times so far and have been happy with their work. The first cleaning (considered a deep first cleaning to ready the house for subsequent monthly cleaning and more expensive than our monthly cleaning cost after) was really excellent and very thoro…


    Cindy Hunt | 2017-11-15
    I requested a deep cleaning (although I don’t really know what that means to house cleaners). I agreed to a fee of $160.00 although I thought it was a little pricey. I was told the date and a time of 10:00AM for their arrival. Later I received a call from their schedul…


    Shannon Rivard | 2017-09-18
    We have been using Maria House Cleaning for the last year and I am pleased. We have our place cleaned every other week and it’s normally the same people at the same time. Sometimes they switch it up, I usually find it’s a holiday week but I think you can request …


    Arthur Tsihlakis | 2017-09-02
    We are pleased with the regular cleaning team who come every 2 weeks and would recommend Maria house cleaning.


    Linda Brill | 2017-08-06
    I have used many cleaning companies for many years and without doubt, Maria’s House Cleaning is the best I have ever hired. I absolutely love that they are punctual, they have never canceled on me which was a chronic problem with other companies I’ve used in the…


    Udit Madan | 2017-10-24
    They’re fantastic. Always on time and extremely flexible. I’ve had to reschedule a number of times and they are very prompt and usually respond in a matter of minutes. I recommend them!


    Rebecca Watson | 2017-05-01
    This cleaning service rocks! The employees were professional and thorough and the price was great. We would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend or hire again. Straightforward, wonderful experience.


    W Bruce Wittenberg | 2017-12-15
    We have been using Maria’s House Cleaning service for a few years, and have always been happy with the service. We prefer to have the same person come each time, and Maria has been very accommodating to our request. They do a very good job with all aspects – bath…


    W Bruce Wittenberg | 2016-12-15
    We have been using Maria’s House Cleaning service for a few years, and have always been happy with the service. We prefer to have the same person come each time, and Maria has been very accommodating to our request. They do a very good job with all aspects – bath…


    Gaile Gray | 2015-01-05
    We really like Maria House Cleaning. Maria is a pleasure to work with; she’s excellent with scheduling and getting us assigned to the team we’ve come to really like. The cleaning services are well done, and the team is careful to follow requests, such as not using spray…


    Q. Baker | 2014-06-12
    I have used Maria’s Housecleaning for over six years. They’ve always provided excellent and professional services. It’s always so nice to come home to a clean home.


    Luda Colbert | 2013-06-21
    Excellent job, great service!
    Price just perfect, very happy with this company.
    Thank you to the cleaning crew and Maria.


    Vuemont Homeowners Association | 2013-05-11
    Please do not tape your advertising flyers to our mailboxes anymore. It is an eyesore to our neighborhood. Thank You.


    Emma, Redmond | 2013-03-18
    I never have time to clean and even when I do have extra time, its the last thing I want to do. So I decided to treat myself and hire a cleaning company for regular cleaning and am so glad I did! My only complaint is that the cleaning lady sometimes organizes a little too much, to the point that I can’t find things. But that’s ok. Good job!


    larry russie | 2013-01-19
    I have been using Maria’s service for 4 months and have found them to be excellent & efficient. I have recommended them to others.


    Randy | 2013-01-05
    I called last week to make an appointment to have Maria come and clean my 3500 sq. ft. Home. The appointment was for today, Wednesday, at 11am. Maria showed up at 11:25am, almost half an hour late. Girl did an excellent job, but completely missed the fingerprints on the medicine cabinet. I’m not dissapointed with the service provided, but there is room for improvement.


    Jenn, Everett | 2012-11-20
    This is the first time we have had our home professionally cleaned. Amazing experience. I want to thank you for a good job done at my house. I wasn’t expecting you to make the bed, what a beautiful surprise! Pricing is a little high, but definitely worth it.


    Sue, Seattle | 2012-11-15
    The cleaning crew came to clean my apartment and did a great job. They were extremely efficient and professional with regards to delay ( guys came almost half an hour later than they were scheduled to). I really appreciate their firendly approach and the hard work they put in. They left everything in tip top shape. Thanks!


    Julia, Mill Creek | 2012-11-13
    What a great service! The two women showed up on time and followed my additianal instructions. Every detail was paid attention to (my bathroom looks cleaner than ever before, all mirrors sparkle and shine, all the nooks and crannies are thoroughly vacuumed). Thank you for helping me out. Now my apartment is ready for my birthday party.


    Marcus, Bothell | 2012-03-30
    Your company indeed provides comprehensive cleaning services. I’m totally satisfied with your service. Thanks for using eco-friendly products.


    Linda From Bothell | 2012-03-24
    Maria House Cleaning cleaned our apartment and it was immaculate. Thank you for the Five Star service.


    Kate, Seattle | 2012-02-21
    Thanks for a good job. You provided a great service still at affordable enough rates.


    Matt, Kirkland | 2012-02-08
    You really helped me when I was moving into my new house. I highly appreciate your help and want to thank you for a good job you did. There is no doubt I will call you again when I will need some kind of help. It’s so nice to know that there are people I can always rely on.


    Katrina from Monroe | 2011-12-02
    My home looks and smells so nice! Your maids provide truly professional and thorough service. Thank you so much for all the job done.


    Steve from Kent | 2011-11-09
    The clean you did on Tuesday was outstanding. I’m totally satisfied with the housecleaning service provided. Thanks!


    Bob & Georgia, Sammamish WA | 2011-09-28
    Maria, just last week your representative came to our home and changed our home in the most remarkable manner. Not only was everything we expected to be attended to taken care of with the greatest of skill but so many other items and areas were painstakingly cleaned to absolute perfection. Everything in our home needing rearrangement for cleaning was returned exactly as they were previously and all that was left was sheer order and cleanliness! – What superb service and dedication to doing exceptional work. We are profoundly greatful and dedicated to your service sersonnel and company!


    Alicia from Bellevue | 2011-09-27
    I hired Maria House Cleaning to do a thorough home cleaning. I should admit that they even exceeded my expectations. Everything from top to bottom shines like new one. Additional thanks for cleaning inside of the oven. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends.


    Suzanne and Den from Lynnwood | 2011-09-27
    We have always been very happy with the service Maria House Cleaning has provided for us. We would like to thank all your dedicated cleaners for their good job and quality service. Our home is always cleaned to the highest industry standards. Thanks for that.


    Vicky from Edmonds | 2011-05-06
    I’m so happy to have found your company. I was looking for a reliable and professional cleaners and now I can say that I have found them. Your cleaning stuff is always very punctual, hard working and friendly. It seems that your maids really can cope with all the chores around my home. Additional thanks for cleaning my oven. I’m more than happy with my clean and shiny oven. 🙂


    Courtney | 2011-05-02
    Our cleaning lady showed up right on time and attentively listened to me about what my priorities were. But when I came back to my apartment I realized that my bathroom wasn’t thoroughly cleaned. Is it good when you realize your bathtub still remains dirty after the cleaning lady is done with it? I don’t think so…I decided to contact a company representative. Maria rectified the situation very quickly and sent another lady to finish the job at no additional cost.


    George from Seattle | 2011-05-01
    We recently moved to a new place and were looking for a good cleaning service at an affordable price. Our new neighbours recommended us Maria House Cleaning company. And I must admit that we are satisfied with the services provided by this company. The services are really tailored to our needs and what I like the most they were completed within time frame.


    Jane from Bellevue | 2011-04-21
    I want to thank you for a great work done by your very polite and smiling stuff. Now my home smells and looks fresh and new. I’m a busy person and I don’t have additional time for cleaning. But there is no doubt I want to live in a clean and fresh home. With the help of your cleaning company it’s more than possible. My place looks brand new after the cleaning!The house hasn’t looked that good in ages. Thanks a lot!


    Jeremy | 2011-03-14
    I work a lot and am always busy so I never have time to clean. So I decided to hire a cleaning service. I left a checklist, but the girl that came to clean my house missed many things I put on the list. There were still spots on the kitchen counter, the bathroom floor was not mopped and the bathmat wasn’t vacuumed. The girl did a good job, but not an excellent…


    Denise from Seattle | 2011-02-14
    I called Maria’s when they left a flyer at my house. I’d been unhappy with my current service and thought I’d try them. What a HUGE change. They are professional, show up on time (every time), are reasonably priced and their workers are super polite and really seem to care about doing a good job (and I have a huge hairy dog so they really have to work hard!). I’m an EXTREMELY happy client.


    Peter from Mill Creek | 2011-02-11
    Your cleaning service really is my extra helping hand. Thank you so much! You do an excellent job every time you clean my home.


    Jane from Kirkland | 2011-02-11
    Maria House Cleaning is very reliable service. All I have to do is call and the work is done. Your cleaners are trustworthy and hardworking. Nothing seems too much trouble for them. Also, I highly appreciate their housekeeping advices.


    Ann from Redmond | 2011-01-21
    Thank you for being so reliable and taking care of my home. Now it really shines. You do quality work by knowing what needs to be done and how to do it quickly but efficiently. I would gladly recommend your professional and friendly service to my friends.


    John from Kenmore | 2011-01-08
    I would like to thank you for the awesome work you did for me. Now my home not only looks clean and fresh, it really is sparkling clean. Your cleaning stuff has proven to be extremely punctual, reliable, and flexible. I would recommend your cleaning company to everyone!


    Julie from Seattle | 2010-12-06
    I was moving out and decided to hire a cleaners to come in and help me. Your team got a nice deep clean and really saved my time. You was really like my extra helping hand, thank you! Also, I like your prices.


    Paul from Issaquah | 2010-12-06
    First class job! You are really professional housekeepers, thanks!!!


    Tim from Newcastle | 2010-10-20
    Guys, thank you so much!!!!You really helped me. All my friends were wondering who did such an excellent job instead of me.;) The party was great!


    Carlos from Kirkland | 2010-10-05
    The work you are doing is amazing. It saves me so much time. Thank you.


    Adam from Seattle | 2010-10-02
    I have been using cleaning services for many years but most of them did a lousy job or were late all the time. Finally, I found Maria House Cleaning – the company I can always rely on.


    Tyler from Seattle | 2010-09-28
    As a single father I don’t have time for doing all the house work properly. Unfortunately, I had no one to help me so I had to look for a professional help. My friend recommended me Maria House Cleaning Service and I think that I would never find a better one. I am satisfied with your work more than you can imagine.


    Steve from Seattle | 2010-09-23
    What I really like about your service is that you never let your customers down – if you say that you will be there at 5 p.m., you come to my place a few minutes earlier and don’t count the time for changing and so on. You treat us not like your clients, but like closest friends that you are ready to help any minute.


    Monica from Redmond | 2010-09-20
    Now you not only help me by cleaning my house and keeping it in a perfect condition, but also give me some cleaning advices which I can use while your cleaners are not around. I think most housewives find your guidelines fantastic.


    Melissa from Kirklan | 2010-09-19
    The thing that I like the most about your service is that I can always rely on you, like call you the last minute and you will be there in no time. I remember how you saved me when I had a lot of work before my boyfriend’s parents first visit and you really helped me out. Thanks to you I managed to create a good impression of a perfect hostess.


    Emily from Issaquah | 2010-09-15
    I have two adorable little kids that take most of my time and honestly there is no time left for cleaning. I don’t know what I would do without you guys. You make my life much easier and cleaner.


    Nancy from Seattle | 2010-09-07
    I always hated doing house work and Maria House Cleaning became the perfect solution I have been looking for for years. I am very glad that you exist. Please keep up your good work.


    Amanda from Mill Creek | 2010-09-03
    Maria House Cleaning made my life so much easier, now I finally have time for the things I really enjoy doing. Thank you guys, you do a great job!


    Katie, Bothell | 2010-08-27
    One of Maria’s woman came through to do a ‘deep cleaning’ which is a little more expensive than a regular cleaning. My apartment is over 750 sq ft and it took almost three hours for woman to clean it. I was working so I just paid her and sent her on her way. When I walked around I noticed that the toaster oven remained untouched. Though she ran the dishwasher, she did not bother putting away the dishes. Of course, no one is perfect. I also can forget to do some stuff, but I paid money to have all done particularly well. So I was a little bit disappointed with this deep cleaning.


    Janet from Mercer Island | 2010-08-02
    Maria’s Housecleaning have been cleaning our home for a few years now and are easy to work with and schedule. They do a fine job and you can count on their efficiency.


    John Phipps from Renton | 2010-07-06
    I’ve been using Maria House Cleaning for over a year now and have been completely satisfied, they are always on time, do a wonderful job and are easy to do business with! thanks!John Phipps


    Jeff & Ivy Calkins from Renton | 2010-07-01
    We have been using Maria House Cleaning for about a year now. We have always been extremely satisfied with the exceptional job they always do. Alex and Irena and two of the nicest people and always go above and beyond with their cleaning. They keep our home so wonderfully clean and we thank them for that.Best Regards,Jeff & Ivy Calkins