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The proper cleaning of the fridge 30 Oct

The proper cleaning of the fridge

In order for household appliances to last longer, you need to take a proper care of them. This also applies to the main character of today’s article – a refrigerator! What rules should be followed when cleaning it up, what tools can help to get rid of the unpleasant smell,…

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Anti-allergic cleaning 21 Sep

Anti-allergic cleaning

Your house is your fortress. For each person, the house is a place where comfort and convenience reigns, it’s a place where we rest after hustle and bustle of a difficult working day. But sometimes our home appears not as safe as we would like to see it. The increasing…

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Rules for limescale removal (Part 2) 14 Aug

Rules for limescale removal (Part 2)

Proceed to cleaning toilets The peculiarity of cleaning the toilet bowl is that the limescale, which accumulates under the rim of the bowl, is the most difficult to remove. Therefore it is important to remember some secrets: · to remove it, you need to use more intensive means, designed specifically…

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BENEFITS OF CLEANING: for body, brain and soul 10 Jul

BENEFITS OF CLEANING: for body, brain and soul

1. Cleaning improves the concentration of attention. Chaos in a dwelling prevents a person from fully focusing on really important things, while the cleanliness in the house helps to concentrate and “clear” thoughts. 2. This is an ideal exercise. Just walk around the house with a vacuum cleaner, wash the…

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