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Windows Cleaning Tips

Windows Cleaning Tips

Windows Cleaning Tips

Windows washing is one of the most complicated housekeeping tasks as one of our customers from Redmond has noticed. First, because it requires a warm whether – you can hardly clean your windows in winter or when it’s raining. Second, you have to do that during daylight – so you have to take either a day off work or sacrifice your weekend. Third, it takes the whole day to make your windows sparkling or sometimes even two or three when you live in a big house.

Another problem about windows washing, Seattle housekeeping has encountered, is that they have to be cleaned from both sides and when you start working on one side and still see the spots, you never know on which side they are so you continue on rubbing until you realize you are rubbing the wrong side.

If you live in a big house with a lot of windows, our residential cleaning company suggests you remove all the screens from the inside and clean them separately. Don’t forget which screen belongs to which window, you may leave special notes on them indicating where you should put them.

Ready for a hard work? You will simply need a bucket, warm water and dishwashing liquid. It would be great if you could find a soft bristle brush and a garden hose. Start with removing all the disgusting stuff from your glass – such as spider webs, dead bugs and other stuff. Then use the soapy water and the brush to clean the screens and rinse them with a hose, make sure the pressure is not too high to avoid the damages. Put the screens one by one in a safe place to dry.
Make sure that no kids or pets are playing around. Also, don’t leave them outside for a night – you never know when it might start raining and all your work will be in vain.

Now it’s time for outside windows. If you cannot reach the top of the window from the outside, you can clean whatever is reachable and then come back inside and clean the rest from there.

You can use the special window cleaning spray and newspaper or a paper towel as well. If you want your windows to be crystal and shining, you can use a squeegee method which will make your screens completely dry with no streaks on them. Another way to perfection is using a microfiber cloth.

Anyway, Renton residential cleaning service suggests you hire the professionals at least twice a year to get this nasty job done so you will have less dirt to clean in between these periods.

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