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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Seattle House cleaning designed this article to save your time, money and efforts on carpet cleaning of different types and conditions. There are many factors that make you take a special care of your carpet:
such as small children, pets, dust, food and drinks (especially if you are having a party in that room) and simply time. That is why Maria housecleaners prepared a whole bunch of tips and guidelines on easiest and most efficient carpet cleaning from simple vacuuming to complicated stains and spills removing and other problems you may encounter while maintaining your covering.

Here are the basic tips:

– one of the best methods of keeping your carpet clean is preventing it from getting dirty
– don’t eat or paint your nails on the carpet and tidy it regularly to avoid the dirt sealing on it.
– vacuum your carpet regularly and carefully, you should do this procedure at least once or twice a week, paying attention to the zones with intensive traffic (where people sit, eat and move their feet).

Don’t forget to move the movable furniture and vacuum the unreachable places.

– please don’t forget that from time to time your carpets will need a steam cleaning. This process is necessary when you move into a new apartment. You can do it by yourself or hire a team of professionals who will

do it quickly and qualitatively.

– if you put a stain on your carpet, clean it immediately! But don’t rub it hardly, it will only smear it and make it stay there forever. Besides, it will also weaken the fiber making the carpet look “bold” and worn out much sooner.

– never use a hair blower or an iron to dry the stain – it will only make it worse.

– if you decide to use some chemical products, try to choose the mild ones, use the strong detergents to remove only old and stubborn stains.

– you can also try green cleaning methods for eliminating stains and spills. The most effective are mixtures of water with lemon or water with vinegar. Spray this liquid on a spot, leave it for 5-10 minutes and then soak it with a napkin. If you want to fight the unpleasant odor you should add some baking soda to the bag of your vacuum.

These are the general tips. In our next article we will talk about more specific cleaning, like removing stains and spills of different origin such as food, drinks, pets’, blood, mud, soil and others. Good luck with your tidying and we hope that the things listed above will help you keep your carpet clean, fresh and brand-new looking.

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