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Soft Towels…How to Make Them Really Soft

08 Apr

Soft Towels…How to Make Them Really Soft

Very often all kinds of towels, even the most expensive, lose their possibility to absorb. Very often fabric softeners do not work, even on the contrary, they become stiff. What can be done to save them? Experts say that you can save the towels without using harsh cleaning products.

First of all, you will need one cup of Epsom salt to add to the washing machine. This salt will help to remove chemical build-up from the towels. It should be said that this chemical built-up makes them stiff.

During the rinse cycle it is recommended to add white vinegar. The vinegar will help to make them soft.

The best way dry your towels is to dry them outside. If you choose to dry them in the dryer, do not overload the machine.

Every time you wash the towels, add one cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle.

Of course, all these steps can be repeated when the towels become stiff again.

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