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Tips on cleaning the tile grout joints

30 Oct

Tips on cleaning the tile grout joints

Every housewife wants cleanliness and hygiene to prevail in such an important and intimate place like bathroom. It is very important for every house, but it is often difficult to implement, because of the constant humidity and abundance of bacteria in the bathroom, on its flooring and walls may appear mould, dark stains and various formations, which are very difficult to get rid of, without knowing certain tricks.

It’s amazing, but mixing a few very simple ingredients, you can make your bathroom sparkling clean again, so that nothing will make you think that it is not clean enough, and that there are any problems with hygiene.

The main components of the solution for cleaning the grout joints between the tiles are: water, baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar. First we need to take from 7 to 9 glasses of water, depending on how large the range of work is. If the grout is very dark and the presence of mould can be seen, it makes sense to make more of this dense solution. However, 7 glasses of water is the optimal amount for cleaning the bath tub. The amount of soda should be not more than half a glass.

It should be noted that baking soda is a universal means for cleaning at home; it can be applied in many cases. After water and soda are mixed up, pour 1/3 cup of lemon juice there, but it must be fresh. Do not use packaged juice, it should be natural and without additives. The last thing to be added to the solution is about one-third cup of apple vinegar. You will need to wait for the reaction to take place and you can start!

IMPORTANT! Despite the fact that the composition of the mixture for cleaning the grout joints does not include any chemicals, care must be exercised during cleaning! Gloves are a mandatory measure, otherwise you will damage your hands and it may cause irritation to the skin. Moreover, in no case should the cleaning be done with your hands, even if you put on thick gloves; it is necessary to take a sponge, or, more effectively, a hard bristle brush – it will provide you a fast, safe and effective cleaning of the grout joints! And your bathroom will shine again, pleasing you with its whiteness!

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