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Top Bathroom Cleaning Tips

31 Jul

Top Bathroom Cleaning Tips

How to make your bathroom sparkling? These tips will help your bathroom to shine.

Cleaning the bathroom is a necessary part of the cleaning in general. Below are the most useful tips for your sparkling bathroom.

Use natural products

Very often housewives think that it is impossible to clean a bathroom just using natural cleaners. But our experts, on the contrary, are ready to prove you that avoiding using chemicals will save not only your health, but also budget.

For example, mirrors will shine and look like new, if you use a mixture of water and vinegar. Wipe mirrors with usual paper towels or newspapers. The same mixture works well for tiles, counters and cabinets in your bathroom. Vinegar with water is perfect for removing soap scum from the showers.

Water and baking soda will work best for grime that is hard to remove. Do not dissolve soda, but prepare a paste.

Pay special attention to your shower and showerhead as it may be home for a great number of germs and bacteria that can cause serious health problems.

Scientists say that it is much better for your health to leave a door and windows in your bathroom open after taking a shower. Open doors and windows will help you to low the humidity level in the room.

In order to clean your shower, pour vinegar into the bag and attach it to the shower head. Leave it to sit there for a night and then rinse thoroughly in the morning.

Shower curtains may also have lots of bacteria; we recommend washing them in the washing machine with old towels. Towels will help to clean the soap scrum and mildew.

Shower doors may be cleaned with the help of water with vinegar or baking soda.

Grout can be easily cleaned by using an old toothbrush or a special grout brush and usual bleach. You need to scrub discolored areas and then rinse this place thoroughly. Be sure to ventilate the room.

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