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Keep Your Bedroom Clean

28 May

Keep Your Bedroom Clean

No matter are you rushing to work or not, make sure you have made your bed. You can make your bed right before or after your morning shower (breakfast). The well-made bed will definitely inspire you to deal with other messes around your house.

At first sight a made bed may not seem like a high priority, but with some time you will notice the difference. You will enjoy your smoothing sheets and plumping pillows, when you will slip back under the unruffled covers.

To keep your bedroom clean you should have some supplies at hand. Store your dusting mitts and microfiber cloths, mops, disinfecting, glass and surface wipes in a night-table drawer. You will use these supplies for dusting your electronics, floors, furniture, and other knickknacks. You will need some duster for tackling cobwebs behind your bed and other hard-to-reach places.

Don’t forget about cleaning your mirrors. Sparkling clean mirrors add beauty and elegance to any room. So, gather your mirror cleaning supplies and clean your mirrors. You can use white vinegar, a spray bottle, a plain soft cloth, a microfiber cloth, or a towel. After you finish cleaning all the glass or mirrors in your bedroom, switch to cleaning your windows. Clean and sparkling windows can enhance the appearance and add beauty to your bedroom.

Use your blow-dryer to remove dust from your lampshades and curtains. Put everything into its place. Hang clothing and put away jewelry. This will also take a few minutes. Throw out old magazines and newspapers. Wipe and disinfect your telephone.

Spend some time on cleaning your computer. Clean and disinfect the keyboard using an all-purpose wipe. Don’t forget to unplug the keyboard before cleaning. Wipe down your monitor except the screen. Take a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth and remove fingerprints from the screen. It’s recommended not to use any chemical cleaners on the screen.

At the end, clean the dust that has fallen on the floor. Mop the floors or vacuum the carpeting.

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