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Cleaning Checklist for Your Home (Laundry Room and Other Parts of the House)

01 Nov

Cleaning Checklist for Your Home (Laundry Room and Other Parts of the House)


Today we continue talking about the cleanness in your house and the special checklist that will help you to evaluate the cleanness.

Today we will talk about the laundry room and other parts of the house.

  1. Clean washer and dryer

Usually we are trying to be careful with all the detergents and cleaning products that we have in the laundry room, but very often we have spills. Try to clean your washing machine and dryer regularly.

  1. Clean windows

You shouldn’t forget to clean your windows at least two times a year. You may use water with vinegar in order to clean your windows and then wipe them down with usual newspapers.

  1. Air ventilation

Clean air is very important for the health of your family. Check and clean the air filters regularly. Clean filters reduce the amount of dust in the house.

  1. Ceiling and corners

Usually we forget to clean the ceiling or do it very regularly. Usually it happens because the ceilings and corners are hard to reach. By the way, dirty ceiling and corners attract spiders and other insects.

  1. Doors

Doors should be clean and disinfected because door surfaces accumulate lots of dust.

  1. Floors

Vacuum and mop your floors regularly. Floors are to be cleaned after everything else, because you will pick up the dirt and other stuff after the cleaning process.

If you have no time or you need professional help. Our cleaning crew will be ready to help you. Just give us a call and we will be there for you.


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