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Cleaning Checklist for Your House (Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Living Areas)

31 Oct

Cleaning Checklist for Your House (Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Living Areas)

Let’s continue to speak about the cleaning checklist for the whole house or apartment.

Today the experts have prepared the cleaning checklist for bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas.


1.      Clean mirrors. You may use special glass cleaners to wipe off all the stains from splashes and toothpaste.

2.      Clean sinks. First of all, experts recommend cleaning them after every time you use the sink, this will save your time during the big cleaning day. Don’t forget to wipe down faucets, because usually the splashes are seen on them.

3.      Toilet. It is one of the main things in the bathroom, and of course it should be clean and germ-free. The most natural way to clean the toilet is to use baking soda. Pour half of a cup of baking soda into the toilet and leave it there for 15-20 minutes. In 20 minutes scrub the toilet with a special brush and flush it.

4.      Toilet floors. Usually people have tiles on the toilet floors. In order to have shiny floors and to prevent mold and mildew use lemon oil to clean the floors.

Bedrooms and Living Areas

1.      TV-sets. These things attract dust like magnets. Turn them off and then use a microfiber cloth to clean the dust.

2.      Lamps. Don’t forget to clean lamps because they also act like magnets for dust.

3.      Curtains. In order to clean curtains use a special vacuum cleaner attachment. Don’t forget to wash the curtains at least two times a year.

4.      Furniture surfaces and surfaces under the furniture. Don’t forget to vacuum under beds, sofas and other furniture. Usually we forget to clean to clean under the furniture during usual cleanings. Also use special attachments to reach the corners.

If you have problems with keeping your apartment clean or you just don’t have time for that, our cleaning company is ready to provide the full range of cleaning services for you.

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