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Cleaning Checklist for Your Kitchen

30 Oct

Cleaning Checklist for Your Kitchen

Professional organizers agree that clean environment of your house gives you the possibility to live more successful life and more interesting life without stress.

If you use the help of a cleaning crew, try to remember their checklist and use it in your family.

If you do all the work about the house on your own, our cleaning professionals have made up a cleaning checklist for you.

1.      Fridge

Your refrigerator should be always clean and good smelling, so keep an eye on the products, especially on those that can be expired soon.

2.      Stove

A clean stove is the main thing for a clean kitchen. Try to clean your stove after you have prepared dinner, this will save your time on the cleaning days.

3.      Microwave oven

In order to clean a microwave put a cup of water with a little bit of lemon juice into the microwave and let it boil. The steam will help you to clean your microwave oven easily.

4.      Countertops

In order to save time on the big cleaning day our experts recommend everyday cleaning of the countertops. Use usual wet cloth and dry paper towel to get rid of stains and fingerprints. You may add a little bit of vinegar to disinfect the surfaces.

5.      Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances like coffee pots and coffee makers, bowls, toasters or blenders usually accumulate a lot of dust. You may use a damp towel to wipe the dust off. Don’t forget about cleaning all these gadgets while cleaning your countertops.

6.      Kitchen cabinets

As for the cleaning kitchen cabinets you need to wipe down the inside and the outside surfaces. Remember to start cleaning from the top and to clean all the way down.

7.      Kitchen floors

You don’t need to forget that different types of floor require different methods and supplies for cleaning. If you have linoleum flooring, you may add a little bit of apple cider vinegar to your bucket with water. Laminate flooring is cleaned with a damp cloth; remember that too much water on your cloth is harmful to the laminate. Hardwood floors are perfectly cleaned with water and with added to it usual white vinegar.

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