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Daily Cleaning Checklist

17 Sep

Daily Cleaning Checklist

This cleaning checklist will help you to save time during the next cleaning. Our experts say that such a checklist will also help you to keep your house clean between the clean-ups.

Let’s start with the kitchen.

1.      Clean the sink

Remove all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and wipe the sink with a cloth. You may use vinegar solution as a disinfectant.

2.      Countertops and stove.

Use a general purpose cleanser to wipe down the countertops and all the surfaces of the stove.

3.      Floors

You don’t need to wash or to mop the floors, just clean the dirty spots that you have on the floor. Get rid of any sticky spills.

4.      Find a place for the dish towels

Even if they are clean the dish towels don’t look nicely if they are placed on the countertops. Hang them in a special place. Our experts recommend hanging them in the cabinet under the sink.

The next room we need to pay attention to is a bathroom. Here we need:

1.      Clean the sink

We need to clean the sink everyday; you can wipe it out with a cloth or with paper towels.

2.      Clean the mirrors.

Don’t forget to clean splatters off your mirrors in the bathroom.

3.      Clean the toilet

Use the same cloth that you used to clean the sink and the mirrors to clean the toilet seat and clean the toilet bowl with the brush and the disinfectant.

4.      It is also recommended to clean the glass doors of your shower after you’ve taken a shower.

And now let’s move to the bedroom.

1.      Your bed.

Making your bed is the first thing you need to do in the bedrooms.

2.      Put away clothes.

Put away all the cloths into the wardrobe or take them to the laundry.

3.      Clean night-table

Water glasses should be taken to the kitchen. All the jewelry should be put away. Books or magazines should be put in a drawer.

And the last, but not the least is living room.

1.      Clean the sofa

Put the pillows in the right place. Fold the blankets.

2.      Wipe down the tables

Throw all the unnecessary stuff that can be on the tables. Wipe the surfaces down using a general-purpose cleaner.

These are the main things that should be done daily. The list is not so big and it won’t take you longer than half an hour.

As for the weekly cleaning, the professionals from our company would love to help you.


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