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How to Clean an Apartment for an Hour?

14 Nov

How to Clean an Apartment for an Hour?

Sometimes there are situations when you need to clean the apartment in a short period of time. Sometimes guests drop us a visit or unexpected visitors will come. Is it possible to clean an apartment for such a short time? Experts say that you can. The main thing is to plan the activities and follow it.

In order to clean your apprtment quickly you will need a brrom, a vacuum cleaner, a cloth, a sponge, gloves and special cleaners.

Where to start? Experts say that first of all you need to pay attention to the kitchen and all the restrooms.

All dirty clothes should be taken away and put in the washing machine or in the special basket.

Before starting cleaning experts recommend to apply cleaner on the inside of the toilet, also on the basin, kinchen sink and other surfaces like that. Leave the cleaner and it will work itself.

All the dirty dishes should be washed or placed in the dishwasher.

And now it’s time to vacuum floors, furniture and other surfaces on which the dust is accumulated.

Turn on the hot water in the shower in order to fill the room with the steam.

At this time wipe off the dust from the shelves in the living room.

Experts recommend turning on the steam in the bathroom because the steam makes it easy to wash ceramic tiles. You will need two or three minutes and a sponge to make it shine.

If your dishes are clean, it’s time to clean the kitchen. Usually it’s better to start with the countertops, kitchen sink and floor. Put away all the dirty towels and prepare fresh ones.

Most of the cleaning is done. In conclusion, flush the water in the toilet where you had the cleaner. One more thing, don’t forget to throw the garbage.

Take a quick shower and change your dirty clothes. Congratulations!!! You’ve made it!!!

You are ready for quests!

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