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Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

28 May

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

If you don’t like to tackle with big cleaning projects, find another option. Make completing basic cleaning task a habit. Maintain your entire home in order spending just a few minutes a day. Start from your kitchen. If you are looking for ways to quickly and efficiently clean your most-used room, follow our tips.

First of all, delegate cleaning tasks to each family member. This will help you get kitchen cleaning  done faster and easier.

Peek into your kitchen cabinets, oven, and fireplace to see what needs to be cleaned, wiped or replaced.

Wet a microfiber cloth with water and cleaner, and clean the countertops. Then mist with water and wipe down with a clean cloth. Clean any spills or sticky spots.

Use a microfiber cloth, water and a few drops of mild cleanser to wipe your cabinet fronts.

Scour the surface of your stovetop. Use a microfiber cloth moistened with water and cleaner.

Don’t forget about cleaning your oven. Clean the inside according to instructions. When finished, wipe down the hardware, handles and door.

Clear out your sink. Move piles of dirty dishes into the dishwasher. To clean your sink you will need a cloth and cleaner. Scrub the sink in a circular motion. Use an old toothbrush to remove any mold lhidden in the edges of the drain or faucet.

If you want to clean your dishwasher and microwave, use a cloth dampened with water and dish soap.

Certain items in your kitchen require special attention. One of such items is your refrigerator. This kitchen appliance is subject to spills and varied odors. Maintain the cleanliness of your refrigerator. A clean refrigerator will keep your food fresher. Move the refrigerator and vacuum behind and underneath it.

Fold or hang dish towels.

Take care of the floor in your kitchen. Sweep or vacuum it. Then mop in small sections. Use clean water and detergent.


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