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Make your home sparkle before you move in

21 Jun

Make your home sparkle before you move in

Moving gives us an opportunity to make our new home fresh, clean and sparkle. When you move into a new house, you should pre-clean it before the moving van arrives. It’s important to make note of all the things and areas that need cleaning. If you don’t have enough time to do a thorough clean, clean around the things you see. You may also start from kitchen as you will spend a lot of time in that part of the house and you will prepare your food there as well. It’s very important to have a clean kitchen, so tackle the kitchen first. You may spend plenty of time and energy making sure you have thoroughly cleaned every surface, but it’s worth it.

When cleaning appliances you may need to use a heavy-duty cleaner. You may also use such environmentally friendly cleaning products as baking soda and water. Take some sponges or a heavy-duty cloth and clean your stove first. Remove all the stuff and clean this area using your heavier cleaner.

When you are done with the stove, take a look inside the oven. It’s not always easy to clean an oven, but it’s a strategic place in the kitchen. Use a grease-remover if you find the regular cleaner isn’t getting off the tough stuff. Also make sure you clean under the hood.

Next, tackle the fridge. It’s always a good idea to clean it very thoroughly paying attention to details. Remove the drawers and bins and wash them out well. Remove anything that can be removed and wash it. Clean the inside walls and shelves. Check the freezer as well. Move the fridge out from the wall and clean on top and its sides, then behind it.

Now, clean the kitchen cabinets and counters. Clean the top of cabinets, and cabinet doors. Also clean handles and inside drawers. When cleaning counters, make sure you clean between cracks removing any debris. To clean the sink put some chlorine-free bleach in a spray-bottle and add some water to it. Spray the sink and let it soak for a while. Then rinse well.

Then, clean the walls. Wall cleaning tends to be a larger job. Look for fingerprints, pay attention to the areas closer to the floor and around corners and light switches. Liquid stick cleaners will work well to remove some of the more stubborn stains.

Decide whether your home just needs a thorough vacuum or you want to hire a professional cleaning team to steam clean your floors.

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