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Dust and Allergic Kids

02 Oct

Dust and Allergic Kids

Nowadays more and more pediatrists talk about the growing problem of childhood allergies. And more and more parents want to indemnify their children and families.

Doctors say that allergic diseases of nose, lungs and sinuses are usually caused by breathing in irritant particles that are accumulated in the air and are invisible.

It’s not a secret that airborne particles from dust that is accumulated in the house very often cause allergic symptoms.

These irritants can be found everywhere…pillows, bedding sets, carpets, furniture, etc.

What can be done while cleaning to help your child to breathe freely and do not use antihistamines and other medical treatments.

First of all, let me say that these kinds of medicine are very serious and they strongly affect central nervous system. At the same time used steroids can damage immune system , respiratory system, and they have a very negative effect on adrenal function.

Parents need to understand that thorough and often cleaning should be the main method of fighting childhood’s allergies. At the same time don’t forget to use eco-friendly cleaners. Most of them may be prepared at home. You can also use the equipment that collects dust particles.

If you can’t fight with this problem, use the help of professionals. Maria House Cleaning can provide you with the best cleaning services in Seattle and Seattle area that will help your children to breathe freely.


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