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More Room to Play or How to Organize a Playroom?

15 Nov

More Room to Play or How to Organize a Playroom?

Playroom is a special place for every child. But very often they become messy and full of toys, crayons and other stuff. However, the stores propose a great variety of storage options for playrooms. What to choose and which of them will suit your child?

Our experts recommend choosing organic materials for your child’s room. That’s why it will be better to choose wood dressers instead of plastic bins. The top of dressers may be used for books, coloring books and your child’s paintings and other creations. And drawers will be used for organizing toys, dolls and other accessories. One of the drawers is recommended to use for Lego parts.

Your child needs to know where all the stuff goes and how it can be sorted. It will help to keep the playroom in order and well-organized.

Get containers

Usually you won’t need the containers for dolls or cars, but cardboards or cards need to be stored somewhere. Usually the boxes that go with them are torn very quickly, so you need to prepare special plastic containers for them or Ziploc bags.

Some of the toys should be used only under parents’ supervision, that’s why try to store them as high as possible, so your kids won’t reach them. The games with small parts or fragile parts should be hidden.

Open shelves, unfortunately, open the mess on them. Experts recommend using the organizers with doors or with special containers that cover the mess.

If you use shelves with doors, you may add a lock to it in order to keep children away from some shelves.

If you are a handy mom, you may also use curtains on the shelves and cover mess in such a creative way.

If you are tired of cleaning and maintaining the playroom, let professionals deal with it.

Maria House Cleaning does not only clean the restrooms or vacuum the carpets; we can help you to make your rooms more organized. Maria House Cleaning brings cleanliness and order to the mess of your house.

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