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8 useful habits to maintain order in your house

8 useful habits to maintain order in your house 13 Nov

8 useful habits to maintain order in your house

Cleanliness of the house with a wave of a magic wand is a dream of everyone who has at least once had to do the cleaning. But unfortunately, in real life cleaning of an apartment or a house takes a lot of time and effort.
If you, too, every time during cleaning wonder how such a mess could be made in such a short period of time, then you should learn a few tips on how to help yourself and your loved ones to maintain every day cleanliness in the house.

To minimize the efforts for cleaning, all the inhabitants of the house should acquire a few useful habits.

At first it may seem difficult, even impossible, but if you really try, and at least one month will carefully follow these simple rules of daily order, then you will not even notice how simple action on cleaning will become a well established habit and become unnoticeable for you.

1. You’re probably familiar with a picture when taken off in a hurry things are lying on the chair, and even on the floor. So, habit number one: after changing clothes, put things in a cupboard or take them to the wash.
Sometimes it is not very convenient to hang things in the closet every day, especially when it is packed tightly enough. Purchase a clothes rack or a bedside mannequin hanger. These devices will not only help you to keep things in order, but with their original design will decorate your room.

2. Habit number two: do not accumulate dishes in the sink, load them in the dishwasher or wash immediately after a meal.
Ideally, everyone washes the dishes after himself (of course, we are talking about washing by hand), but if you have a tradition of family dinners, you can wash dishes at a time. Pots and pans clean while cooking, do not put them in the sink. After washing the dishes, wipe the sink and a tap with using some cleaner.

3. Habit number three. Make the dusting every day. The surfaces free of dust, not only give the room a neat appearance, but also cherish your health. After all the dust is the main allergen in your house.

4. Habit number four. Do not eat in front of a TV or a computer. This habit will save your house from nasty crumbs and stains, and you from additional cleaning.

5. Habit number five. Do not come into the house in the shoes further than a rug in the hallway, and encourage your children to do the same.

6. Habit number six. Every thing must have its own place. Notice, where it is more convenient for every family member to use various items.
For example, you put the cosmetics on the pier-glass table in the bedroom, and they with surprising regularity migrate into the bath. It is not necessary to struggle with it, it is better to organize some space for cosmetics in the bathroom.
It is easier to arrange a convenient storage space in the area of permanent accumulation of any items or objects than to conduct a constant struggle with the inhabitants of the house, forcing them to clean up after themselves.

7. Habit number seven. Get rid of all unnecessary things. Do not store the things, which you will hardly use in future.

8. Habit number eight. Combine useful – in our case cleaning, with something pleasant, for example, watching TV or talking on the phone.
You do not find the time to listen to the radio, an audio book or chat with friends on the phone? Do two good things at once, and you will not notice how pleasantly your time will be spent, and the house will become much cleaner at the same time.
Find 20-30 minutes every day for such a cleaning and your house will always shine!

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