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All-Natural Cleaning Solutions for Your Family: Table Salt

08 Oct

All-Natural Cleaning Solutions for Your Family: Table Salt

Table salt can be perfectly used for preparing different kinds of scrubs, at the same time it’s the cheapest variant.

Where to use it?

Pans and pots

Table salt is the best variant for cleaning greasy pans and pots. Table salt can absorb grease very easily.


Table salt itself and the scrubs prepared from it are very mild and do not scratch the glass.

Wooden countertops

If you have greasy spills on the counters experts recommend using table salt to absorb it. Leave the salt for an hour and then brush it away.

Cups and coffee mugs

Usually if we drink a lot of coffee or tea, our cups and mugs are covered with different stains that are difficult to remove. Cut a lemon and put one half in salt and then scrub with this half the inside of the cups and mugs.

To clean the oven

Cooking in the oven usually supposes spills. If you do have them, use salt to pour on the spill. When the oven cools, use a usual damp cloth to clean it away.

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