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Choose Microfiber for Cleaning!

10 Jun

Choose Microfiber for Cleaning!

Most of the cleaning companies and their employees use modern detergents and materials, including microfiber cloths. Why it is better to use microfiber? Because it is a synthetic fabric made of polyester, polyamide or nylon, and it is best for cleaning.

Microfiber cloth does not cause allergies, cleanses perfectly even the most inaccessible places.

Such cloths do not leave any trace of mud and dirt.

It should be mentioned that microfiber is a dense kind of fabric, which has many loops and filaments. This allows absorbing moisture 7-8 times more of its own weight. Besides microfiber cloths can be used repeatedly.

This material is practical in use, easily absorbs dirt, that’s why most of our employees choose these kinds of mops and cloths. Microfiber, as we have seen in everyday practice, is suitable for any rubbing, including delicate surfaces. As compared to any other fabrics, microfiber effectively cleans any contaminants including fat, without leaving scratches.

Microfiber mops wash floors just excellently. Microfiber penetrates into the narrow places, perfectly removes germs and bacteria from the surface.

Microfiber cloths are the best for removing dust and dirt, we can say that 100%.

So if you ask us what kind of fiber to choose for cleaning, we will tell you that of course microfiber.

If you ask us about the best cloths, we will say that they are made of microfiber! Choose them and enjoy the cleaning. If not, call us and we will do the job for you.

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