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Cleaning Crystal – Getting Ready for Holidays

Cleaning Crystal – Getting Ready for Holidays 31 Oct

Cleaning Crystal – Getting Ready for Holidays

Crystal stemware is a must have on a holiday table. But it doesn’t look inviting and festive when it is waxy, filmy and spotty.

What can be done?

In order to clean glasses and to remove hard water deposits, we recommend using white vinegar. Warm in a microwave two cups of white vinegar and pour it into a bigger bowl or a basin. Place glasses in it and leave them in vinegar for three – five minutes. Rinse thoroughly using clean, running water and then dry them with a lint-free or paper towel.

If there are spots that were not cleaned with vinegar, try baking soda. Dampen a cloth and dip in into baking soda. Use this cloth to polish the stubborn spot away. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

A crystal vase is a perfect attribute of a holiday table. What should be done to make it shine?

For a narrow-neck vase we recommend using the solution of dishwashing soap and ammonia. Fill a vase with warm water and add a little bit of dishwashing soap and three tablespoons of ammonia. Then add usual uncooked rice – about half of a cup. And now it’s time to swirl and spin. Rise will work as a scrub. Leave it for 10 minutes and then shake it a little bit again. Rinse thoroughly and leave the vase to air dry in a rack. Be sure to place a vase upside down.

Crystal candlesticks have wax from last holiday? How can it be? No worries, we will help it to dissolve. First of all, place your candlesticks into a basin or a bowl with warm water for several minutes. Use a sponge to remove wax. Rinse candlesticks in hot water and leave them air-dry.

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