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Cleaning Secrets for Busy People

06 Dec

Cleaning Secrets for Busy People

Nowadays it is so difficult to find time for everything. We all have work, families, kids, friends, house, etc. When do we find time for cleaning?

But our experts say that there is a way out. Our body needs daily dose of vitamins and the same our house needs small daily cleanings.

Your house needs a short list of the tasks that should be performed daily. This should be a very simple but profound list of the most important tasks.

Of course the list depends on the family, because different families have different needs. But the most checklists include:

·        Clean dishes

·        Do the laundry

·        Cleaning of different parts of the house

Of course you need to make up your own list of the things that are of great importance to you.

For example, on your every-day-list there might be such chores as:

·        cleaning the dishes

·        cleaning of the kitchen

·        sink cleaning

·        toilet cleaning, etc

as for the every-week-list, you may add:

·        vacuuming

·        cleaning of the closets

·        changing the linen, etc

Don’t forget to include your family members into the cleaning process. You can assign one or more chores to each member of your family. Your kids can also do some chores, even the small ones. Sometimes toddlers are more interested in cleaning than grown-ups. Working together will free some fun time for the whole family.

In order not to forget about the tasks, place the list in the most public place so others may also see it.

Let this list help you to maximize your family’s efforts!!!!!!!


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