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Cleaning Tips That Will Save Your Electricity Bill

20 Jan

Cleaning Tips That Will Save Your Electricity Bill

Have you ever thought that cleaning may help you to economize? Our experts say that there are cleaning tips that really work and save the money. Today they agreed to share these tips.

You need to understand that clean appliances work better and use less energy to do the job.

First of all, let’s talk about the refrigerator.

1.       Once in three months you are to clean the coils. The dust that is accumulated can reduce cooling abilities which will result in using more energy.

2.       It is recommended to vacuum dust and crumbs that are accumulated behind the refrigerator.

3.       Regularly defrost your fridge. Don’t allow the frost to grow, the harder your fridge works the more energy it uses.

Heating System

Of course, you can try to maintain your cooling and heating system yourself, but it is more wisely to ask professionals to check it.

What you can do is to:

1.       To vacuum vents and ducts in order to improve air circulation.

2.       To clean and to replace the filters if needed. It should be said that filters should be replaced once in a month during the heating season. If you have metallic-type filters, you don’t need to replace them so often, but they also need to be cleaned once in a month.

3.       If you use gas-fired heating systems, it is recommended to check their proper work once in a year, usually before the heating season starts.

Washing machine

It should be remembered that the water heater thermostat should be set at 120 F. Remember that each 10°-reduction will reduce the cost of washing up to 13%.

1.       So, the first rule is to wash the clothes in warm water and choose “Rinse Cold” function for the rinsing.

2.       Do not use too much detergent. Always read the labels.

3.       Be sure to select appropriate settings according to the type of clothes you are going to wash.

4.       Do not wash the clothes with stains twice, it is much better to use presoak or the soak cycle which will save energy and money accordingly.

Be wise and don’t waste your money.

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