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Cola as a Cleaner

17 Oct

Cola as a Cleaner

Not everybody knows that cola is not just a drink but a cleaner that can be useful on many stains.
Cola is a good rust remover because it contains citric acid. Soak everything that has rust in a container for 24 hours. Afterwards clean and remove all the stains, rinse thoroughly. In such a way you may clean your old golf clubs and save some money.

Clean your oily driveway with Cola.

In order to remove oily stains you just need to pour a bottle of coke on it and leave it for several hours. Afterwards use water to rinse it off.

You can even fix a car using coke. If your car doesn’t want to start, the reason for it may be built-up corrosion in battery connections. In order to clean your battery connections it is recommended to pour a bottle of coke in there. Do it when the car is off.

Cola also works great for cleaning tile grout. If you have grout, pour a little bit of coke on it, leave it for some time and then rinse thoroughly. If you have big stains, you can use a brush to clean them.

Carpet stains can also be removed with the help of coke. You just need to pour coke on the stain and leave it for some time and then rub it and rinse well.

By the way, if you have greasy stains on the clothes again coke is an answer. Pour a can of coke on a stain and leave it for a while, wash the clothes in the washing machine, run the usual cycle.

You may also use this method while cleaning the blood stains from fabrics.

Hopefully you enjoyed these tips for unexpected usage of coke.

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