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Don’t have enough time to clean?

30 May

Don’t have enough time to clean?

You don’t have enough time to clean your home or you are you too lazy to do it, don’t get upset. You can cope with all the household chores not spending too much time on it. Just spend few minutes a day on separate cleaning tasks and you will be amazed how much you can do. We’re never going to have enough time on cleaning, but completing some tasks everyday will help us stay organized.

Don’t put off housework if you want your home to stay in tip-top condition. If you only have 15 minutes, give it all you’ve got in those 15 minutes. We understand that it’s not easy to keep up with all the responsibilities you have and still take care of your house. But believe you’re strong enough to cope with all the difficulties and cleaning is among them. Just focus on some cleaning task and it will be much more easily to cope with the rest. For example, if you need to vacuum the floor, but there are so many little toys on it, complete the two tasks simultaneously: sort the toys and prepare your floor for vacuuming. You can get exhausted from picking all the toys up. But it’s worth it. Junk the toys into one big pile in the middle of your living room, grab the trash can, sit down next to the pile and start sorting. It won’t take very long, but you will be onto the next stage of vacuuming much faster.

When you watch TV, get up during the commercial breaks and do something. You will be surprised how much you can get done during a commercial break! Look around the room, decide what you can do during that few minutes. You can wipe down the kitchen counter, clear off the table, vacuum, put some things away, etc.

You can get cleaning tasks on a schedule. This will make your work faster and you will be able to determine what should be given priority and done first. If you do a cleaning task, write it down on your calendar based on when it should be done again. For example, if you clean the toilet on a weekly basis, and you do it on Friday, then write it down for the following Friday on your calendar.

Having an organized cleaning plan will definitely help you divide your cleaning tasks and determine what cleaning tasks are in your list of priorities.

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