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Fun Cleaning with the Family

16 Sep

Fun Cleaning with the Family

Make cleaning a family fun time, involve kids in it and be an example for them. Our experts have prepared several tips that will help you to have fun while cleaning with your kiddos.

First of all, don’t tell your children to clean their rooms, because for small child this task sounds impossible to accomplish.

It’s much better to assign small task to every child. One child, for example, can clean the dust on the bookshelves; the other child can collect dirty clothes around the house or wash the dishes.

Don’t forget about music.

Music makes the cleaning faster and easier. Children will love if while cleaning you will turn on a special child’s music for them.

Cleaning with kids should represent a game.

You can set a time, for example, or make a cleaning a competition between all the family members. Children just love to compete. Don’t forget about the prizes for the winners.

Make special cleaning costumes.

If you want to clean with kids and have a game out of it, don’t forget a special outfit for them. Children love costumes and they will gladly play this game in a costume of a janitor.


Rewards are very important. Let your children choose what they want, you may propose a family dinner and they will choose the place where they want to have it. Or you can give them more pocket money if you have such a practice in your family.

Get the kids involved and enjoy the results of your common labor.  You’ll be glad you did it together!


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