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Getting your home ready to sell

28 May

Getting your home ready to sell

Nowadays home buyers have plenty of options. That’s why you should market your home in the best possible manner to sell it.

When you decide to sell your home, you should be aware that there is a lot of tricks that can help you make it quick and easy. Staging can set your home apart from other properties and boost the selling price to the top of the range for comparable homes. The prospective buyers will welcome the opportunity to view your home in person. This is often one of the most important steps in selling a house. You should pump your home up a notch or two to sell your home as quick as possible and at a good selling price. Here are a few simple steps to staging your home.

Thoroughly clean your home again and again!

One of the basic strategies of staging your home is to clean it to perfection! Your prospective buyers want to step into a sparkling clean home and make sure that the selling price coincides with the size, age, and condition of your home.

If you need to impress your buyers sparkling clean windows are a necessity. So, wash all the windows inside and out. This will help you highlight the outdoors. If you have drapes and blinds, open them to allow the sunshine in. Open the windows to let the fresh air penetrate your home.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms to buyers. That’s why you should always keep the sink spotless and clear of any dishes. Also, keep the counters clutter-free. Clean out the fridge, and remove any cooking odors.

Keep mirrors sparkling clean. Don’t forget to clean all appliances and home hardware such as door handles and faucets. Make the beds, empty all waste baskets. Make your bathroom gleam. Clean your bathtub, sink, toilet, shower, etc. Hang fresh towels. Tuck away the laundry.

Clean up all the nooks and crannies. Make your home comfortable for you and the buyers. Organize the seating and furniture to maximize space. From the floor to the ceiling, keep it all spic and span! Pressure wash the siding, sidewalks, driveways and patios.

Repair and repaint any damaged areas to give the home a new and clean look. Repaint the rooms in a friendly, neutral color. Create a neutral decor (remove personal photos and knick-knacks).

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