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How to Clean These Things Correctly?

15 Oct

How to Clean These Things Correctly?

There are several things that we do not clean correctly, are you ready to change the way you clean them? Experts from Maria House Cleaning will help you with several important tips.

Dishes, cups, glasses

Everything that you wash in the dishwasher can be washed not so well if you overload your dishwasher. Dirty items should be placed on the bottom rack facing the center, because they should be closer to the spray arm. Detergent pod should be placed in the dispenser of the dishwasher. If you place it directly in the dishwasher, it will dissolve too quickly and won’t give the desirable effect.

Shower curtain liner

Don’t throw it away as soon as you’ve seen a little bit of dirt on it, just wash it in your washing machine using usual detergent.

If you have stains on the carpet there is no need to spray cleaner right on the spot because this can damage the carpet. Spray cleaner on a cloth and then use a cloth to remove a stain.

The biggest mistake is cleaning windows on a sunny day, because they will dry too quickly and will leave marks. Start cleaning the window by sweeping it, cleaning a frame with a usual brush. You may also gather the dirt with the help of a vacuum cleaner. You may also clean a window using special glass cleaner and a usual newspaper or a microfiber cloth works also well.


Common mistake while washing your clothes is using too much detergent or softener. Always be careful with the amount of the detergent, because almost all of them contain substances that may cause allergies.

Electronic appliances

The main mistake is using cleaner while cleaning your electronics. The best variant is just using a microfiber cloth to remove stains and smudges.

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