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How to Prevent Insects in Your House

25 Oct

How to Prevent Insects in Your House

Insects…what a word! No one likes them; they are the most unwanted pets in any house.

Scientists believe that warm winter may cause a proliferation of insects that can be more active than usual. This will mean that these insects may move inside of your house till spring.

First of all, termites. They cause a lot of damage inside. Of course, the best variant is a pest control service. This crew may provide chemical treatment as well as may recommend you several tips on improving or repairs that are to be made.

Asian lady beetle is also one of the insects that love to winter indoor. Experts say that they winter inside of the walls. In order to prevent their moving into your home experts recommend sealing outdoor cracks. If you have already found them in your house you can get rid of them by vacuuming.

When the winter is warm the activity of fleas increases. They can be brought into your house by your pets. In order not to have this problem treat your pets with special shampoos.

Tips on saving your house from insects:

1.      Seal all the cracks and outdoor openings.

2.      Try to keep all the windows and doors closed.

3.      All the racked leaves, cut grass, compost should be kept away far away from the house.

4.      You may also protect your home with an insecticide barrier, most of them can be found in specialized stores.

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