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Important tips on cleaning the curtains

15 Oct

Important tips on cleaning the curtains

Curtains for any room are not only an essential element of decor, but also a pledge of creation of coziness in the room. Therefore, it is important for any housewife that their curtains preserve the purity and are specious as long as possible. We want to offer you some useful tips on efficient and safe cleaning of the main types of curtains.

Washing the curtains in the washing machine.

Using the washing machine, it should be remembered that only those types of curtains should be washed in it, which are sewn of dense fabric. Also, do not mix the curtains and undercurtains, as they are made of different materials. It is often recommended to use a delicate cycle washing. You should also use an intensive rinsing option, as the washing powder residue on the fabric will result in its fading in the sun. As for the wringing, it is better to perform wringing manually or at low speed of the washing machine, taking care not to tear the material and preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

How to clean roller curtains?

This type of curtains has a special coating that protects them from fading and dust. Due to this you don’t need to clean them so often. If your roller curtains still got contaminated, consider a couple of tips:

– To remove stains use detergents with natural basis.
– Never use solvents.
– The surface of the roller blinds can perfectly be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a brush.
– Avoid wet cleaning of such curtains (other than those which have an antifungal coating on them).
– Small contamination can be removed with the eraser.
– Occasionally you need to apply some silicone spray to your roller curtains. In general, the care of this type of curtains is simple and uncomplicated.

How to clean curtains, without taking them down?

For those occasions when washing of the curtains is a problem, there is a need to clean them “hanging”. For this they should be moistened with some water from a spray after which a moderate vacuum mode should be used with a special nozzle for curtains cleaning. If such a nozzle is not available, use a damp cloth, wrapping it around a brush of the vacuum cleaner.

However, a much better option is a professional dry cleaning, which will make the process safe and the result – desired. If you need to clean the curtains without taking them down, address to experts of our cleaning company, who quickly and efficiently will carry out cleaning using the latest equipment and the best detergents. Thus you will not only avoid unnecessary problems and efforts, but also take care about the comfort of your home.

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