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Keeping a clean grill

22 Jun

Keeping a clean grill

Do you love summer cookouts? The smell of grilling vegetables and meat in your neighborhood is the true sign of summer. We all enjoy grilling on the patio, but we need to remember that after we cook something on the stove we have to wipe up the spills and then thoroughly clean our grill.

Every time you use your grill, clean it, at least lightly. When cleaning grates make sure to clean them completely after every use. This will prevent food from sticking on the grill making it much easier to cook on. To your surprise, cleaning the grill is better done after you grill and not before. Don’t allowed food particles to harden on the grate. Once your grill has cooled down, but still is warm, take the brush and clean off any remaining food particles. Nowadays there is a plenty of commercial products on the market for cleaning your grate, but any stiff wire brush will do the job.

Everything you cook on requires cleaning. Your charcoal grills are not an exception. You should clean them out after every use. So clean the grate and brush out the ashes. Do a thorough cleaning to remove cooked on foods. To make additional cleaning jobs much easier always keep a wire brush handy to sweep out the cooked on foods. Don’t forget to clen the bottom of your grill. Atleast once a year, give your grill a really good clean with a bucket of soapy water.

The same goes with a gas grill. You need to clean it every time you use it. First of all, disconnect the gas and then lift out the grill parts. With everything out of the grill, clean it completely with soapy water.

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