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Lint Roller: a humble helper of your household

31 Aug

Lint Roller: a humble helper of your household

10 unusual ways of using a lint roller
Sometimes people become real innovators creating new possibilities of using ordinary, well-known, household small things.
One of such small things is a lint roller. Many people don’t even realize how useful it can be in their everyday life.
So we want to describe 10 new ways of using lint rollers.

1. Cleaning the inside of any bag you have. The lint roller may help you to clean the inside of almost any bag, purse or suitcase you have. How many times did you get irritated trying to get rid of all the crumbles, sand or any other tiny trash pieces from the bottom of your bag or purse? All you need is just to take out all the contents and use the roller inside the bag.

2. Cleaning of the fabric parts of the stroller, baby’s high chair or the car seat. Modern moms are always busy. They always have their hands full doing 10 things simultaneously. The lint roller can make their life easier when their baby scattered something around while eating or playing. A couple of moves and everything is clean again.

3. Cleaning the stuffed toys. Even the cutest bears and rabbits of course should be regularly washed. But if in between the washings you need to bring them in order a little, the lint roller will be the greatest help in this.

4. Gathering the splinters of glass. Sometimes it’s really hard to find and gather all the tiny pieces of glass from the broken dishes, light-bulbs or anything made out of glass. Lint roller will help you to gather the tiniest pieces much quicker and safer. The same applies to searching for a needle, which fell on the carpet.

5. Tidying up after the crafts time. Crafts time is always a lot of fun. Not so much fun is the cleaning up after it. Small pieces of threads, filaments, scraps of paper, scattered beads – all these can be easily cleaned without using a vacuum cleaner with the help of lint roller.

6. Cleaning the window-blinds or curtains. You think this procedure is long and boring – try to do it with the help of lint roller. Sweep with it each section of the blinds and you’ll see how quick your window treatments can become clean.

7. Cleaning the interior of your vehicle. Kids have been eating cookies in the backseat? Sound very familiar! The lint roller will remove all the crumbs and other small litter in the car interior.

8. Cleaning the speakers. Who could ever think that a lint roller may be used in cleaning the office equipment? But it’s a really helpful thing in cleaning the speakers, in particular those covered with fabric or any other soft material.

9. Cleaning the lampshades. You cannot just stick it into the washing machine, and the hand wash is so tedious that lets not deny – it happens very rarely. But the lint roller will help you to collect all the dust from the delicate fabric of the lampshade in almost no time.

10. Taking away the killed insect. Flies, beetles, spiders and ants are not attractive enough to take them with hands, especially if they are dead. Again, the lint roller will serve you well taking care of collecting these insects.

Stay creative and innovative and this will simplify your life!

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