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Tips on quick cleaning after the holiday festivities

Tips on quick cleaning after the holiday festivities 23 Dec

Tips on quick cleaning after the holiday festivities

Birthday, New Year or just a visit of friends – it is always a festive occasion, lots of fun, good mood. Meat and salads, wine and champagne – all this adorns a festive table and pleases the eye. But the guests have left … Meat and salads, wine and champagne remained with splashes and stains on the table cloth, carpet or floor. A mountain of dishes does not cause any warm feelings.

Ahead is the cleaning. But there is no reason to become dispirited, because a good mood – that’s already half of the battle. Many people like to clean up to the music. Choose something cheerful and rhythmic and get to work!

First of all let’s start from the dishes.

So that after dishwashing you do not have to call the plumber, you need to clean plates from the remnants of festive viands. Before you put the dishes down in the sink, it is desirable to sort them out. It does not take much time, but will greatly facilitate the process of washing and will protect your favorite glasses and plates from being broken, because one awkward movement with soapy hands and heavy knife is falling down on a fragile glass or porcelain. After having sorted plates, cups, forks, spoons, lay them separately in the sink, fill it with hot water, add to it a little bit of dishwashing detergent, and while dishes are soaking, do other things.

Washing the tablecloth

If you want the tablecloth and textile napkins to delight you with their purity more than once after the holiday feast, it is necessary to remove stains first before washing them.

• Among the most stubborn stains are stains of red wine. Therefore, once the wine is spilled, immediately try to minimize the stain size, soaking it with paper towels. After that, it is recommended to put on the stain some salt, which is known to have good moisture absorbing properties.
• If the snow-white tablecloth was stained with wine, do not worry. There is a reliable helper that will perfectly cope with this problem – hydrogen peroxide. You need only to dissolve 1 teaspoon of peroxide in a glass of water. Soak the stained part of the tablecloth into this solution.
• Coffee also leaves difficult stains on the tablecloth, which require pre-treatment. Rub a mixture of glycerin and salt into such contamination and leave for a while to have some effects.
• A stain of tea can be removed by a mixture of ammonia solution with glycerin (in a ratio of 1 to 4).
• A fresh grease stain just sprinkle with salt.

Then the tablecloth should be thoroughly rinsed and only then you can start washing in the washing machine.

Cleaning the carpet

Rarely the past holidays do not leave their traces on the carpet. In the struggle with stains promptness is your main weapon. Try to treat the stain before it has dried and dug into the pile. There is always salt and baking soda at any house, which is a great help in absorbing the liquids and getting rid of various unpleasant odors.

Chewing gum can be a serious problem if it is stuck to the pile of the carpet or carpet flooring. The main thing is not to start pulling out the pile together with a gum. It needs to be cooled first, using ice packs, by applying them to the chewing gum for a while. When the material hardens, it would be easy to scrape it off by piecemeal.

Stains of red wine as well as fruit juice stains can be remove by water with two or three drops of liquid ammonia, and to get rid of coffee and tea stains use a solution of one tablespoon of glycerin in a glass of water.

When the stains are removed, clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush.

Cleaning the furniture

Check whether there are any stains on the upholstered furniture. And if yet still the furniture was damaged, try to remove the stains immediately. In this case efficiency is also very important.

• For example, stain of coffee you will be able to easily remove with a cloth dampened with soapy water.
• If after the party stains of beer remained on the upholstered furniture, you will need vinegar solution. Take one liter of water and add a spoonful of vinegar, apply the solution to the stain with a clean cloth and then thoroughly dry with a cloth or paper towel (just ensure that the cloth is white so that the dye from the cloth won’t color the upholstery).
• Red wine stains sprinkle with salt, scrub and clean with the vacuum cleaner.
• A stain of fruit juice has to be removed with a solution of ammonia and vinegar.
• After all of the above mentioned procedures, the surface should be well dried.
• Wooden furniture may also suffer. The most spread contamination on the wooden surface are white marks that remain from a hot cup. You can remove them using wool fabric, pre-moistened in a solution of alcohol and vegetable oil. The mark will disappear.

Coming back to the dishes

• Start washing dishes with goblets, glasses and wine glasses. In order the glass to glitter, and not to have splotches on it, use a new sponge, as the old one can have the fatty particles remained on it, which will not allow washing glasses perfectly. For those who love the perfection in everything you need to know that the glasses are washed with soapy foam. Only household sope is taken so that even a slight odor does not remain on the glasses and do not mix with a bouquet of the wine.
• Water for washing should be cool and for rinsing – even cold, because after washing with hot water the glass becomes cloudy.
• Thin glass is not recommended to be wiped, it should be dried by putting on a clean table.
• But glassware is not only goblets, wine glasses and glasses. Salad bowls, cups, various molds made of glass can be perfectly washed with the help of mustard powder. A few tablespoons of dry mustard can be added directly to the sink with water – glitter and shine are guaranteed to your dishes.
• Silver flatware is recommended to be scrubbed with a mixture of ammonia solution with chalk, and then polished with a soft cloth.

Not so much is remained:

– Using special means wash the toilet, sink and bathtub.
– It is time to clean the floor in the hallway and in the kitchen. Floor coated with linoleum we clean first with soapy and then with pure water. Then wipe dry.
– If you have a laminated flooring then first vacuum clean it, using a special brush  with long pile, and then wipe with a damp cloth.
– And finally, sweep away the dust from the horizontal surfaces and wipe the mirror. The mirror surface wipe with soaked in purified alcohol piece of cloth.
– Air the room well and relax in a clean and cozy apartment.

Our tips will help you to navigate in an apartment after the guests has left and prompt what to do in the first place. By following these recommendations, you can restore the order in the house most effectively and as quickly as possible.

If you have read through our advice and have understood that this amount of work you will not be able to do yourself or you simply do not want to waste your time on cleaning, you can delegate these tasks to professionals. After all, this is an opportunity to rest and enjoy a holiday in full, and not to be distressed because of the upcoming cleaning.

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