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Small-scale gardening — what to expect

18 Jul

Small-scale gardening — what to expect

Would you like to enjoy the beauty of flowers, fruit and vegetables all year round? Would you like to grow fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers right in your own backyard? Don’t worry if you don’t have the space. Plant a container garden instead!

What is the best about such container garden is that it can fit almost anywhere! You can place a few planters on a deck, terrace or patio. Satisfy your green thumb with these ideas.

How to find the right planter? There are a lot of planters that will do, but here are some things to consider:

Oftentime people choose plastic containers as they are cost-effective. These containers are easy to move around because of their light weight. Unfortunately such containers aren’t durable. Plasic containers tend to deteriorate in the sun.

Terracotta planters are durable and readily available. However, such planters tend to dry out very quickly, that’s why you will be forced to water your plants more often.

If you care about the outdoor decor glazed ceramic pots are exacty for you. They are available in almost any colour and style. But you should consider the fact that glazed ceramic pots are expensive one.

There is no doubt you can try out other options instead of using a standard or expensive pot. Among the substitutes are wheelbarrows, watering cans, metal tins, wooden buckets and teapots.

When choosing containers for container gardening, consider your outdoor decor, available space, what you will be planting, the frequency of watering. Flowers can be grown in almost any size planter, herbs require small or medium-size pots while most vegetables will need the room of a large container.

If you want to skimp on garden containers dig out your previously used plant containers and simply clean them. It is very important to clean and disinfect old pots each time you use them. Proper cleaning and disinfecting of pots requires a minimum amount of effort and time, still makes a huge difference in successful container gardening. Give your garden containers a fresh new look and enjoy your new garden in the shortest possible time.

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