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Useful Habits for Those Who Hate Cleaning 

Useful Habits for Those Who Hate Cleaning  06 Mar

Useful Habits for Those Who Hate Cleaning 

Is an immaculate home your dream? Are you tired of Saturday cleanings? There are several variants to resolve this problem. The first one is to hire a cleaning company. Nevertheless, be sure to find the most affordable and professional in your region. And the second variant is to fall into several very useful habits.

·    Put away your clothes every night

Does it sound easy? Yes, but it only sounds. It is very tempting in the evening to toss your clothes on the floor or somewhere else. You feel so tired and bored that it seems the only right thing to do. Keep in mind, it takes only several seconds to put your clothes in a proper place (laundry bag or closet). The next morning or on a laundry day, you will be thankful that you don’t need to pick all these things up.

·    Try not to have anything EXTRA

Usually we do not need so many things. Try to organize your house, throw away everything that you don’t need, or you have. Get rid of unnecessary stuff and save place.

·    Have a special box for junk mail

It is very important to look the mail as soon as you get it. Throw anything that is junk and create a strong filing system that will save your time.

·    Clean a surface after use

Grease and food stains on every surface do not add glamour to your house. Get rid of them as soon as you’ve noticed them.

·    Put away your shoes

Do not make your guests to work their way through piles of your shoes. Put your shoes in a closet or have a special rank that will make your life simpler.

·    Do not pile us dishes

It is so much easier to wash several dishes than to spend the whole evening washing them and placing into the dishwasher.

·    Put things back in the right place

If you fall into this habit, you will not ask where all the stuff on your coffee table comes from…
·    Dust and vacuum regularly.

It takes only 10-15 minutes two or three times a week to vacuum or dust your house, but the result is obvious.

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