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Breathe Freely in Your House

07 Feb

Breathe Freely in Your House

Clean and fresh air is very important for our homes, especially if we have children. According to the American Lung Association, lung diseases cause a great number of deaths of children at the age less than a year old. That is why parents need to be very careful while choosing different cleaning products.

It’s much better to prepare your own cleaners using green products that will not cause diseases and allergies.

How can we provide the best quality of the air for our family members?

1.      Wall and floor treatments

If you want to create a healthy environment for your family, you need to use products (paints, finishes) that do not contain or are low in VOC’s. These compounds may cause eye problems and lung diseases. Be sure to read the labels before you buy products for renovation of your home.

2.      Flooring

When selecting flooring, think about eco-friendly and non-allergic kinds of flooring. If you decide to have carpets in your rooms, make sure to choose those that are made of wool, nylon or polyester.

3.      Furnishings

It’s sad, but many furnishings, especially for children, are made of pressed-wood products that contain formaldehyde. The best variant is to choose furniture made of solid wood.

4.      Pillows and Fabrics

While choosing pillows and other fabrics, try to find those that do not cause allergies. Also remember that pesticides that were used to grow cotton still remain in the fabrics.

5.      Cleaning products

Of course, you do not want to use harsh chemicals while cleaning. That is why it is better to choose eco-friendly and air-friendly products.


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