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One more tip on cleaning products

26 Dec

One more tip on cleaning products

You spend a lot of your time in a living room. That’s why this room should be clean, free of dust and dirt. The place should be cleaned using safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Most cleaning products contain dangerous ingredients, which are usually not listed on the labels. One of the best ways to stop using cleaning products found in stores is to start making your own. It’s even far less expensive and just as effective. Most ingredients for homemade cleaners can be found in your kitchen. These products also can be found in your supermarket or in natural foods stores. Some can be ordered online.

Before you’re going to make your own cleaning products purchase a few spray bottles. A poor quality bottle is a recipe for disaster. That’s why buy only quality bottles that you can use many times. Be sure to label your mixtures. Whether homemade or store bought, keep products out of children’s reach. All cleaners should be kept in high places or locked cabinets.

First, collect all newspapers, old magazines and throw them into the wastebasket. Next, collect any glasses and dishes around the room and put them away or into the dishwasher. Begin your cleaning by dusting with a damp cloth. Wipe off picture frames and mirrors. You can make a mixture of 1 teaspoon olive oil per 1/2 cup vinegar and apply it with a soft cloth. Note that while vinegar is wet it has a slight scent , when dry, it leaves no odor. Though natural, cleaning products can irritate your skin, so use gloves.

Don’t forget to polish your furniture. Mix olive oil and vinegar in 1:1 ratio and polish with a soft cloth. Clean your windows. Put 3 tablespoons vinegar per 1 quart water in the bottle. Shake well. Then, vacuum the major traffic areas.

Use environmentally friendly cleaning products! Protect your family!

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Great tips, great house cleaning blog! I especially like the recommendations for making your own green cleaning products. Many folks don’t like the smell of vinegar even though it does disappear when dry. For a nice long lasting scent you can try a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Lavender, lemon, orange, eucalyptus, there is a huge variety to choose from!


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