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How to test Cleaning Products for carpets and upholstery

How to test Cleaning Products for carpets and upholstery 13 Aug

How to test Cleaning Products for carpets and upholstery

Any advice or instructions for cleaning or removing stains from carpets and upholstered furniture includes a recommendation to test the impact of a detergent in an inconspicuous area. Such checking is necessary, first of all, due to the fact that the carpet pile or upholstery of the furniture under the influence of a particular agent can change the color and texture, resulting in a thing being irreparably damaged. Furthermore, in the manufacture a combination of different fibers and fabrics may be used, and the agent, secure for one material, can negatively affect the other.

For this reason experts strongly recommend to conduct a preliminary testing in an inconspicuous place. This place can be the lower part of the rear of the chair or sofa, carpet corner, which “hides” behind the door.

It’s quite easy to make this testing.

– Prepare a cleaning agent and carefully read the instructions. If necessary, dilute the cleaner with water.

– Moisten a light-color towel or a clean white cloth with cold water.

– Apply a small amount of a cleaning agent on a towel and rub with it the surface of fabric in an inconspicuous place.

– If there is any paint on the towel, the cleaned surface begins to darken, lighten, or change in any way, than such agent should not be used.

– If changes do not happen, try to repeat the test, using more cleaning agent.

– And most importantly, even in the case of a successful test before using a cleaning agent, wait several minutes, to finally make sure that it is safe.

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