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Unusual Ways of Using Toothpaste

27 Aug

Unusual Ways of Using Toothpaste

Apart from the fact that toothpaste takes care of your teeth, it can also be a helper in resolving other problems. For example, it can quell pain, make housewares shine and even get rid of stains on the carpet.

Getting rid of unpleasant smell

The most unpleasant and persnickety odors are considered to be the smells of garlic, raw or smoked fish and onions. These odors are able to easily penetrate into the skin cells of your hands, and even the best soap in some cases won’t give you the desired effect.

In order to remove the odor you need to dissolve a little amount of the toothpaste in a glass of water and rinse your hands with this solution and only after you can wash your hands with soap. This solution will help you to get rid of the odors in the quickest possible way.

Getting rid of the stains

In order to remove stains from markers and colored pencils from the painted walls, you will need a piece of cloth, moisten it with water and gently rub the paste in the dirty place. You should rub it in until the stain disappears.

Cleaning of silver and gold

Gold and silver jewelry, as well as cooking utensils, can be perfectly cleaned with toothpaste. Use a usual brush with toothpaste on it, rub each piece of jewelry and leave for a night. In the morning rinse the jewelry with cool water and wipe with a dry cloth.

Cleaning of burnt surfaces

In order to clean the metal surface from rust or soot, apply a thick layer of toothpaste and carefully rub in using a wire brush. Leave for 25 minutes and then again rub thoroughly. Soot and rust will be removed together with paste.

The effectiveness of this method lies in the fact that the toothpaste contains quartz compounds that are considered to be abrasive.

Fogging of glasses prevention

Great number of people, especially swimmers and divers are faced with the problem of fogging up. In order to prevent this problem, it is recommended to apply a layer of toothpaste on the surface of the glasses, then gently rub it and rinse thoroughly with water. However, don’t rub too much because abrasive particles contained in the toothpaste may cause damage of the lens.

The above mentioned unusual methods of using toothpaste will not only help you to keep the kitchen utensils clean, but they will also help save a lot of money and time which we spend shopping in order to find the right cleaning product.

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