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Why Are Chlorine Based Cleaning Products Dangerous?

04 Dec

Why Are Chlorine Based Cleaning Products Dangerous?

There are numerous cleaning products that can be found in the stores. Moreover, many of them contain chlorine, a substance that is a toxic agent.

Its vapor can irritate your lungs. Chlorine is the greatest danger for people with heart and respiratory diseases. Especially harmful is to use cleaners containing chlorine in small and poorly ventilated areas, particularly in bathrooms and toilets.

Chlorine can be harmful for your eyes and skin and it may cause allergic reactions. Chlorine is toxic to all living organisms. It reacts with organic materials in the environment and produces dangerous carcinogenic toxins, including trihalomethanes, chloroform and organohlorins that are very dangerous class components, causing disruption of the endocrine and immune systems.

Products containing chlorine must be regarded as extremely dangerous and unacceptable for use.

It should be said that it is quite real to create a healthy microclimate in the house. It is necessary not to use the detergents and cleaners containing chlorine, purchase environmentally friendly products with no harmful additives, made of natural components. Their price is a little higher, but you shouldn’t save money on your health. In addition, environmentally friendly and air-friendly cleaning products are very economical in use.

Safe cleaning products for the apartment or house do not contain harsh components, dyes, chlorine, acetic acid and phosphoric acid. All the ingredients are only of vegetable and mineral origin. Organic ingredients of the products are almost completely biodegradable.

Such cleansers use for cleaning of the apartments and houses Maria House Cleaning. The cleaning crew cares about the health of our customers, so we use only eco-friendly professional cleaning products from leading manufacturers, which does not contain a single ounce of harmful additives.

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