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Category Archives: DISINFECTION

04 Jul

Even if you clean your house very often, it is very likely that there are things that are still not clean, and what is even worse…many of these things are full of germs and bacteria. Here is the list of the dirtiest things in your house. Kitchen sponge Probably, you’ve…

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18 Apr

All the bedding in your house can be a nice place for different bugs and bacteria. But before buying new bedding, we recommend cleaning and disinfection of the old one. Keep in mind that bedding should also be disinfected after illnesses such as flue. First of all, protect your hands…

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16 Mar

Everybody knows that strep is very contagious bacteria that cause serious throat problems. When a sick person coughs and sneezes, strep bacteria are spread around the house. Parents also need to remember that after the recovery, they need to disinfect and sanitize kids’ room and their stuff. First of all,…

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