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How to Clean Hardwood Flooring

06 Jun

How to Clean Hardwood Flooring

After installing your hard wood floor don’t forget that you should take care of it. Floor mat is a great idea when it comes to hardwood floors. Dirt can damage your floor as tiny particles can scratch it. Place a floor mat at each entryway as dirt and grime will remain on the mat. Encourage your family to wipe their feet before entering the house. Also put a floor mat like near the kitchen sink where water could be spilled. In this way you will prevent possible water damage problems. But don’t forget to shake your mats out on a regular basis. Also use floor mats made especially for hardwood floors.

If you want your floor to maintain its original beauty, strive to keep it clean. First of all sweep your floor regularly. Buy a quality broom. Second, buy vacuum cleaner without a beater bar. This will help you clean hard to reach areas.

If you need to remove tough stains and spills buy professional cleaning products recommended by flooring retailer in order not to dull the finish of your wood floor. Use cleaning solutions that don’t leave a film or residue. Stay away from cleaners that contain ammonia or oil soaps. Try to clean the spills immediately and minimize water exposure as wood expands when it’s wet. So try to not wet mop your wood floor as this can cause your floor to crack.

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