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Category Archives: Furniture

05 Sep

To tell you the truth it is very easy to make your old couch to look nice and fresh. You may also be worried about pet hair if you have pets, but you shouldn’t… Here are several simple ways how to renew your couch. First of all you need to…

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30 May

If you are among those people who adore their wood furniture, we know that you can get upset because of that stubborn water marks on your favorite chair or desk. But remember that water marks are not a big tragedy. With our tips caring for your wood furniture won’t be…

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28 May

If you want your upholstery furniture to look its best for a long time, you should know how to properly clean and care for it.  Careful and regular maintenance is the key to prolonging the life and retaining the appearance of your upholstery. It’s not hard to care for your…

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