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How to Make Your Old Couch to Look Fresh and Nice?

05 Sep

How to Make Your Old Couch to Look Fresh and Nice?

To tell you the truth it is very easy to make your old couch to look nice and fresh. You may also be worried about pet hair if you have pets, but you shouldn’t… Here are several simple ways how to renew your couch.

First of all you need to understand that while cleaning your couch you will face several obstacles, such as dusty cushions, pet hair and different kinds of stains.

The main rule in cleaning pet hair is “No lint rollers!” they just don’t help. In order to de-hair the couch wear a pair of rubber gloves. Just run your hands over the couch and you will see that pet hair will ball up. You may also wet the rubber gloves and increase the effectiveness.

Dusty and crumby cushions may be cleaned with the help of your vacuum cleaner with a special upholstery cleaning cap. Vacuum all the sides of the cushions, you may previously dump them outside out.

And now stains… They may be of different origin… In order to clean the stains you may use usual soapy water. And also there are different receipts of using natural detergents that can remove the stains. All the information about these eco-friendly detergents you can find on our web-site.

In order to make the next cleaning of the sofa easier you are to do several things.

First of all, spray static-eliminating products on a couch in order to remove per hair easier. You may also cover the couch with the washable throw which will help to keep the couch clean for longer.

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