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Cleaning window blinds

13 Apr

Cleaning window blinds

There is a lot of people who have spent valuable hours of their lives trying to clean horizontal blinds. They’ve tried spraying the blinds, then wiping with a paper towel or spraying the towel and then wiping the blinds. But things didn’t get better. People spend a fortune on commercial cleaning products. But it was a waste of money. Some tried to use soap and water, but also without any results. The end result was always spotty, and muddy looking appearance.

We want to share with you the “secret” to cleaning window blinds. This is not an expensive solution that can resolve all problems and this is not a fancy brush that glides in between the slats. Everything is even easier as you can imagine. Find out how you can clean window blinds faster, better, and you may even have fun cleaning them.

Here is the secret: Fill your bathtub with warm to hot water. About 5 to 7 inches of water should do it. Add a couple squirts of dish soap or shampoo. You can use even the cheapest cleaning solution. It will work its best. Then, carefully take your window blinds down and dunk them. Bring them up out of the water, and dunk them again. Repeat this procedure a couple times. Then, pull them out and shake them off. If you have some handy towel, lay your blinds on it. Wipe any remaining drips. This cleaning technique can save you a lot of time and money.

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