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Green Cleaning Products for Every Occasion

Green Cleaning Products for Every Occasion 16 Feb

Green Cleaning Products for Every Occasion

Janitorial cleaning service is not about the cleanliness of the surfaces; it’s about cleaning deeply and having the right tools. It is very important to have the right list of things that help to keep your building clean.

Do you like your house to be clean and shiny? Do you clean it regularly? What are the cleaning products that you use? If you answer is “Usual cleaning Products” then this article is just for you.

I’m almost sure that you know that soaps and other cleaning products consist of dangerous toxins and chemicals. Most of the chemicals that are found in cleaning tools are potential hazards to the heath of every member of the family. The most common and dangerous are volatile organic compounds, phosphates, etc. we are lucky, because there are different non-toxic cleaning products that can be used in any family.

If you have children we recommend avoiding such components as phosphates, chlorine, and VOCs, all of them are really dangerous and cause lots of allergies. Instead, you can choose products that contain d-limonene, lauramine oxide, TEA lauryl sulfate or myristyl glucoside. These components clean really well and can be used for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.

Many families can also choose soy-based products that are safe and efficient. Such non-toxic cleaners work well on grease and soap scrum. But you need to be careful with them also, because such soy-based cleaners should be used on hard surfaces only!

Non-toxic detergents are also popular, especially those that are made from coconut or corn-based. They work even better than detergents that contain phosphates. Instead of bleach we recommend using powdered oxygen cleaners. These products use oxygen to remove stains. They do not irritate skin, throat and eyes.

Enzyme-based cleaners are considered to be another alternative to usual toxic cleaners. Enzymes are proteins, and cleaners contain specific enzymes that get rid of grease, oil and dirt. They perfectly remove pet odors and stains.

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