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Green Cleaning Tips for Your House

30 Sep

Green Cleaning Tips for Your House

Green cleaning is one of the most popular tendencies in cleaning nowadays. Experts from our Seattle company has prepared several very important and useful green tips for you.

First of all, you need to get rid of toxic cleaning products. Usual cleaners contain lots of horrible toxic components that are hazardous to your health and environment. You also need to understand that these toxins affect water quality and wildlife.

People who want to go green need to understand that there are lots of alternative agents that will help you to keep you house clean. They are safe and can be found in every house.

Don’t worry about their efficiency; because they do kill bacteria and disinfect the surfaces, they kill molds. Some of them are great glass cleaners, for example lemon juice. Cooking oils can make your furniture shine and can make the scratches less visible.

Of course, you can buy green cleaning products, but why pay more? You can make them at home without any problem.

You also need to get rid of antibacterial supplies. Recent studies have shown that using of antibacterial soaps may cause hormone disruptions. The best variant for you and your kids is just usual soap and hot water.

Green house also means no artificial odors and fragrances. Artificial air fresheners also cause allergic reactions, problems with hormones and cause even such diseases as cancer.

Every person can find lots of receipts on how to prepare DIY potpourri and essential oils.

If you have any questions, our experts who work in Seattle and in Seattle area will help you to make your house clean and green.

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