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How to enjoy a clean and safe kitchen

21 Dec

How to enjoy a clean and safe kitchen

Tips to keep your kitchen clean
Keeping your kitchen clean is essential. It’s a place where you eat and cook your food, so make sure to clean it regularly and thoroughly. Most of kitchen surfaces can be cleaned with a simple solution, which consists of a ¼ of a cup of bleach and a standard spray bottle with water. Shake it before the use and spray the area you want to clean. After a minute of sitting, wipe it with a clean terry cloth. Then wash it and wipe the surfaces again with the wet terry cloth. It will help you dispose of any dirt in your kitchen. But that’s not all.

Keeping your food safe in a clean kitchen
Be very careful with the food itself, especially with meat. It may become a source of bacteria, if you won’t treat it right. Always carve it on a special cutting board, which should be immediately washed when you’ve finished cutting meat. Keep it in a separate section of your fridge, and
always cook it with a high temperature to dispose of any possible threat. Make sure that after a dinner you’ll spend 5 minutes to clean your kitchen up. Keep products in special containers and always cover them before putting into the fridge.

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