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Use vinegar to clean your coffee pot

26 Mar

Use vinegar to clean your coffee pot

We all love coffee. Some people drink it very often, some don’t. Still everyone likes to enjoy its smell and taste. No matter how often we drink coffee, we should make sure that our coffee pot is thoroughly cleaned before brewing process.

Generally people don’t like to clean the coffee maker. That’s why they may plan to clean it every five to eight weeks. Ideally, people should clean their coffee pot at least once a week and their coffee maker at least once a month.

It’s essential that your coffee maker/coffee pot can get dirty. The minerals in water and the oils in coffee beans accumulate over time and turn into a residue. This residue can affect the taste, leave strange flavor and reduce brewing speed. If you want to prevent the residue buildup, clean your coffee maker regularly. Don’t forget about the cleaning products you will use to clean your machine. They should be environmentally friendly. Vinegar is the best cleaning product you may choose. You can buy commercial cleaners that are made especially for coffee pots but the water and vinegar method works just as good. Another question is how much vinegar you should use to clean your coffee pot. It’s very important to use not too much or too little. There are many cleaning recipes for your consideration. You should choose the best one for you to use depending on the amount of dirt and residue your coffee maker contains.

Always rinse your coffee pot out after cleaning process. Run clear water back through your pot. Before brewing coffee run a solution of diluted vinegar and water through your coffee machine. Repeat this water-only cleaning several times to make sure there is no water-vinegar solution left.

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