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How to clean up spilled cooking oil

11 Jun

How to clean up spilled cooking oil

It may seem like a complete nightmare if you are responsible for cleaning cooking oil or grease spilled all over the kitchen floor. Use our tips on how to clean up spilled cooking oil or grease the easy way.

We hope our tips will help you make a difficult task much easier than expected. You will need a dishwashing liquid to cut the grease, a plastic trash bag, and a rag and bucket of warm water.

When you have spilled cooking oil in the kitchen, cover it with a generous amount of white flour. The flour should fully cover the spill. Allow the flour to soak it up for several minutes. Instead of an oily mess you will get a solid one.

Then, use a scraper to clean up the cooking oil. Scrape the cooking oil into a dust pan Do this section by section until the entire oily mess has been cleaned up.

Unfortunately, the countertop, floor, or other surface will still be oily. You will need also a clean rag, degreasing dishwashing liquid and warm water to clean it. Go over the area of the cooking oil spill several times, and rinse the rag with hot water in between each attempt. This is one of the easiest ways to clean up cooking oil in the kitchen or wherever it has been spilled.

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